Remember that first big dream? My childhood dream was to become a veterinarian, because I always had this enormous connection with nature and I always liked animals more than humans, no offense. : D Though I was surrounded by art while growing up. I never thought about it as a career choice, because I wasn’t surrounded by successful artists. 

But then one day I lost my purpose. My dog was hit by a car. Don’t worry he survived. but I realized that I can’t be a vet. As I passed out more than 5 times, while the doggo doctor was explaining what exactly happened and what needs to be done in order to fix him. For life it wasn’t enough that I just lost my purpose. It also gave me my first, bittersweet taste of heartbreak. : D And that’s what pushed me to express myself through painting for the first time. 

For years it stayed as a form of expression. They weren’t artworks, they were therapy. There was no skill, no technical understanding what so ever . It helped me go through heartbreaks, monotonous jobs, through a life, that’s scheme was pretty simple : work – pay rent – eat – repeat -…..- die.. Fortunately, the existential crisis started to be so loud in my head that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So, here we are.

 I had better die trying to do what I love. Than quasi-comfortably exist with regrets the rest of my life. 

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